I’m Chase Clemons.

I’d like your vote to be
your next state senator.

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Rural Tennessee is not okay.

You know it. I know it.

Hospital closures.

The opioid epidemic.

Medical debt crushing people in our communities.

Family and friends moving away for good paying, quality jobs.

Parents wondering if their kids will have opportunities to thrive in their hometown.

Our rural way of life is in trouble. But our state leadership doesn’t seem to get that.

We can do better.

A Better Tennessee

We can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

First, I’ll work to expand Medicaid and bring our $3.8 million per day in federal funding home to Tennesseans. We’ll use this money to help rural hospitals stay open and fight the opioid epidemic.

Second, I’ll make high-speed Internet in rural communities a priority. We’ll use federal and state funding to ensure that you have fast, reliable, and affordable Internet access no matter where you live in Tennessee. This access brings with it good paying new jobs, opportunities for people to start a small business from their home, and educational resources for our teachers and students.

Third, I’ll invest more funding and resources in our public schools. That means more money for teacher salaries, classroom supplies, and programs that help set our students up for success.

Better jobs, better educational opportunities, better access to healthcare – it’s all possible when we have real leadership from our state representatives.

It Takes All of Us

This is a grassroots team powered by people like you and I need your help. From making calls to knocking doors, find out how you can best help us build a better Tennessee that works for everyone.