A Better Tennessee

A once-in-a generation fight against a virus has shown that we need a better plan forward for Tennesseans. This requires a new focus on an economy and community that works for everyone.

A better Tennessee starts with helping our rural communities thrive.

As we start to rebuild and reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll need a government focused on helping our rural communities thrive.

Here’s my promise to you on what my priorities will be as your state senator.

Expand Medicaid

I’ll work to expand Medicaid and bring our $3.8 million per day in federal funding home to Tennesseans. Right now, our federal tax dollars are being sent to other states rather than used right here at home for our own healthcare. We’ll use this money to help rural hospitals stay open, fight the COVID-19 pandemic, and ensure every Tennessean has healthcare.

Invest in Rural Broadband

I’ll make high-speed Internet in rural communities a priority. We’ll use federal and state funding to ensure that you have fast, reliable, and affordable Internet access no matter where you live in Tennessee. This access brings with it good paying remote jobs, opportunities for people to start a small business from their home, and educational resources for our teachers and students.

Fully Fund Public Schools

I’ll invest more funding and resources in our public schools. That means more money for teacher salaries, classroom supplies, and educational programs. It’s time we listen closely to teachers, trust their expertise, and give them the tools they need to set our students up for success in life.

Better jobs, better educational opportunities, better access to healthcare – it’s all possible when we have real leadership from our state representatives.

Want to help make a better Tennessee happen?

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