Dinner Delivered

A fundraising dinner with a twist!

When we first floated the idea of a different kind of fundraiser dinner, I’ll be honest – we didn’t know what to expect. Would it work?

Based on the responses we’ve received since my last email, the answer is a resounding – YES!

We’ve partnered with a local chef who created a delicious multi-course meal. Strawberry spinach salad, smothered pork chops, roasted sweet potato hash, and a caramel banana pudding to top it all off.

One of our fantastic volunteers will deliver everything right to your doorstep on Saturday June 27th.

Make sure to put your address in the notes area so we know where to deliver. We also heard from folks that want to donate a dinner so we’ve got that covered as well.

Thanks again for the excitement around this twist on the usual fundraising dinner!