Personal GOTV

Every campaign and local party runs Get Out The Vote (GOTV) projects. But did you know you can run your own GOTV personal program?

This is from a rural organizer I talked with doing just that:

“I learned this from past campaigns I’ve worked on but it really makes a big difference when done at the friend/family level. I’ve made a big spreadsheet that has columns for names, contact info, and a spot for if that person told me they’ve voted. It’s around 280 names of people that I know and want to make sure they vote.

Every evening, I go through that spreadsheet and make sure I’ve talked to everyone about their plan to vote. I send texts/emails to about 60 people each night. When I hear back that they’ve voted, I check them off the list and focus on the others who haven’t voted yet. It’s my way of making sure my circle of family and friends get to the polls.”

Here’s how to set up your own:

  • Create a spreadsheet for the list. You can use the sample one below as a model.
  • Go through all of your contact lists and add everyone to that list. Check your email address book, cell phone contacts, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, etc. Make sure you get them all into this one primary spreadsheet.
  • Start contacting each person and fill out those spreadsheet rows as needed. 

Want to see what one looks like? View our sample template here.

This is how we win. It’s all about organizing and getting out the vote. So get started on your Personal GOTV List right away.