We Choose Community

We find ourselves in unprecedented times – ones full of uncertainty, anxiety, and confusion. It feels like the ground shifts between our feet every day.

But as we’ve seen in the last week, the Tennessee volunteer spirit is alive and well in our communities. Neighbor helping neighbor. Friends reaching out to check on each other. Nurses, doctors, teachers, truck drivers, grocery store workers, and thousands of volunteers all responding to the call for help and rising up to serve together.

In times of crisis, we choose community.

The next few weeks will be unlike anything we’ve seen in our recent history. I want to offer just a few pieces of help.

If you can, stay home. You’re safer, we’re safer, and the community is safer with everyone at home. This is how we flatten the curve of the virus and give our healthcare professionals the time they need.

Spread truth and compassion – not fear and misinformation. With any crisis, you’ll see rumors abound that have no basis in fact. Trust the experts and double check everything before you share it with others.

Lastly – please check in on your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Set up calls to touch base, online video chats to see each other, or even just write them a note and drop it in the mail.

Remember – we’re all in this together. Let’s look out for each other. That’s what communities like ours do best.